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Alrewas and Fradley Charities Annual Report


For the year ended 31st December 2018

In 2018, Trustees met on 5 occasions. We continued to promote the work of the Charity holding 4 major fund raising events - Charity Banquets at the Delhi Divan Restaurant in Alrewas and the Bilash Restaurant in Fradley, and a Quiz at Alrewas Cricket Club. We also had a stall at the Alrewas Arts Festival Market. These events raised in total over £2500 and we had donations to the Charity totalling @ £1500.

During the year we made donations totalling £3000, towards the following projects:

  • Building alterations to provide Disabled toilet facilities at Alrewas British Legion.
  • Improvements to the Central Heating of Fradley Village Hall.
  • The purchase of an “Ice Trike” for a young disabled resident.

Our focus for the future is to continue to promote the work of the Charity, o raise further funds, by events, by encouraging donations by standing order, and small change collecting boxes, and to support more individuals and groups needing financial help.

We are grateful to all our supporters for attending events, donating prizes and funds, and to our trustees for their unfailing hard work, ideas and advice.


Dr Robert Horton - Chairman
The Rev John Allan - Deputy Chairman
Mr Tim Aston
Dr Elaine Dolman
Mrs Paula Dumolo
Mrs Chris Evans
Mrs Angela Noble
Mrs Jo Spence
Mrs Becky Walker
Mrs Wendy Walker

The following Trustees remain nominated following consultation with the Parish Councils

Alrewas Parish Council - Mrs Jane Reilly - Secretary
Fradley and Streethay Parish Council - Mrs Lyn Beaumont.

Our Treasurer is Mrs Kim Brookes, and our accounts have been kindly audited by Ms Sharon Keane Pritchett.

NB: At an ordinary meeting held on 21st November 2013 the trustees reviewed the past performance of the Charity and determined they wished to make a more positive contribution to improving the welfare and quality of life of those people resident in its area of benefit.

In order to be more effective the trustees agreed they needed to update and expand the Charity's objects to make them more relevant to people's needs in the 21st century. The trustees also agreed they needed to attract more energetic and enthusiastic trustees to promote the work of the Charity within the area of benefit and to explore additional sources of income.

The trustees acknowledged that the Charity's governing document, sealed nearly 80 years ago, was archaic and not helpful in attracting potential trustees and beneficiaries. It was devised long before the advent of the National Health Service and the Welfare State, contained complex and ancient descriptions of the area of benefit, made reference to legislation long out of date and was written in language difficult to comprehend by today's generation. It was agreed that a thorough revision and modernisation of the governing document was an essential first step in raising the Charity's profile.

In drafting the new governing document the trustees have endeavoured to retain much of the spirit and intent of the Charity's original benefactors. The Charity's area of benefit has been retained in essence, though consolidated and redefined in terms of current geography.

The nominating bodies have been amended to reflect shifts in local demographics. The original scheme determined that all trustees were nominated by Alrewas Parish Council but this has now been amended to recognise the relative growth of Fradley and the recent split of the parish councils of Alrewas and Fradley & Streethay.

The trustees have also chosen to change the process of appointing trustees. The trustees consider it is no longer relevant to expect the nominating bodies to perform this function and that the body of trustees should properly assume this responsibility. The trustees have however chosen to retain some input from the nominating bodies as they consider it would enhance the legitimacy of the Charity by ensuring the conduct of its business is transparent and open to public scrutiny.

The trustees have broadened the Charity's objects by including a clause permitting the promotion of any charitable purpose of benefit to the residents in the area of benefit.

The new Constitution came into effect in 2015.

Public Benefit

In exercising their powers and duties the Trustees have at all times complied with their duty to have due regard to the guidance on public benefit published by the Charity Commission.

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